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This is a working document, things will update and move around to reflect reality. Things are not set in stone in this document. Brave members are expected to update this document to reflect reality to share current status with community.

Older milestones are available in the Roadmap Archive page.

Milestone 0.62.x (~April 2, 2019) - Completed & Released

  • Widevine support for Linux
  • More ads work
  • Add options for allowing FB login / embeds and Twitter embeds
  • MacOS OS theme controls theme

Milestone 0.63.x (~April 23, 2019)

  • Unify exception handling
  • Fix Brave shields localization
  • Make Widevine UI more noticeable
  • eTLD+1 matching for about:adblock
  • Working ads model, Rust-based blinded tokens for privacy-safe confirmation of ad views and interaction, and ability to give BAT monthly to users who see ads
  • Settings/Bookmarks/History/Downloads facelift
  • Upgrade to Chromium 74

Milestone 0.64.x (~May 14, 2019)

  • Custom ABP filter rules in about:adblock (Emerick, in progress)
  • UI improvements and support for theming in the Brave shields panel
  • Support for Nightly builds
  • Override regional ad-block selection in about:adblock

Milestone 0.65.x

  • In page translations (Jocelyn, in progress)
  • Add support for more locales
  • Smart Tracking Protection (off by default) (Pranjal, in progress)

Milestone 0.66.x

  • Ad-block tokenization performance improvements (bbondy)
  • Ethereum HD wallet support (Will possibly move to 0.67.x, but tracking here for now!)
  • Ad-block exceptions to be disabled by default and have UI asking to turn on when it is first detected (todo design)
  • Ability to compile Brave and produce an Android based APK (nothing close to releasable yet)

Milestone 0.67.x

  • Add the ability to have social media login options into the Brave shields panel


  • Make store
  • Private tabs instead of just private windows
  • More UI customizations to differentiate from Chrome look
  • Tab pages?
  • Tab previews
  • Pinned tab differences
  • Clear private data on shutdown
  • Session windows
  • Restyling bookmarks, history, preferences
  • IPFS integration
  • Uphold widget / 2 way wallet?
  • Tipping on individual sub-content
  • Sync for other types of data
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