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(ns open-source.handlers.common
(:require [re-frame.core :refer [register-handler dispatch trim-v path]]
[ajax.core :refer [GET PUT POST DELETE]]
[open-source.utils :as u]
[open-source.db :as db]))
;; UI
(register-handler :toggle
(fn [db [& path]] (update-in db path not)))
;; Forms
(register-handler :edit-field
(fn [db [path val]] (assoc-in db path val)))
(defn success->sleeping
(js/setTimeout #(dispatch [:edit-field form-state-path :sleeping]) 2000))
(defn ajax-success
"Dispatch result of ajax call to handler key"
[handler-key & args]
(fn [x] (dispatch (into [handler-key x] args))))
(defn ajax-error
"Dispatch error returned by ajax call to handler key"
[handler-key & args]
(fn [x] (dispatch (into [handler-key (get-in x [:response :errors])] args))))
(defn method-url
[action resource-path data]
(case action
:create [POST (str "/" resource-path)]
:update [PUT (str "/" resource-path "/" (:db/id data))]))
(defn submit-form [action resource-path form-path data
{:keys [submit-form-success-handler submit-form-error-handler]
:or {submit-form-success-handler :submit-form-success
submit-form-error-handler :submit-form-error}
:as form-spec}]
(let [[method url] (method-url action resource-path data)]
(method url
{:params data
:handler (ajax-success submit-form-success-handler form-path form-spec)
:error-handler (ajax-error submit-form-error-handler form-path form-spec)})))
(defn register-forms
(register-handler :submit-form
[(path :forms) trim-v]
(fn [form-db [form-path]]
(let [[form-name action] form-path
form-spec (get-in form-specs form-path)
resource-path (get-in form-specs [(first form-path) :path])]
(submit-form action
(get-in form-db (conj form-path :data))
(assoc-in form-db (conj form-path :state) :submitting)))))
(defn submit-form-success
[db data form-path]
(let [form-state-path (u/flatv :forms form-path :state)
form-base-path (u/flatv :forms form-path :base)]
(success->sleeping form-state-path)
(-> (merge-with merge db data)
(assoc-in form-state-path :success)
(assoc-in form-base-path (:novelty data)))))
(register-handler :submit-form-success
(fn [db [data form-path form-spec]]
(submit-form-success db data form-path)))
(register-handler :submit-form-error
[(path :forms) trim-v]
(fn [db [errors form-path form-spec]]
(assoc-in db (conj form-path :errors) errors)))
(register-handler :merge-result
(fn [db [data]]
(merge-with merge db data)))
(defn data-by-id
[db path k id]
(first (filter #(= id (str (k %)))
(get-in db [:data path]))))