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(:require [re-frame.core :refer [dispatch subscribe]]
[open-source.components.form-helpers :as fh]
[open-source.utils :as u]
[open-source.components.ui :as ui]
[ :as preview]))
(defn submit-text
(if (:db/id @data)
(defn form
[form-path & [source]]
(let [input (fh/builder form-path)
show-preview-path (u/flatv :ui form-path :show-preview)
show-preview (subscribe (into [:key] show-preview-path))
data (subscribe (into [:form-data] form-path))
form (subscribe (into [:key :forms] form-path))]
(fn []
(let [show-preview @show-preview]
{:class (if show-preview "show-preview")}
[:h2 "Details"
;; TODO make preview less ugly
#_[:div.toggle {:on-click #(dispatch (into [:toggle] show-preview-path))}
(if show-preview "hide preview" "show preview")]]
[:form (fh/on-submit form-path)
[:p "Please provide clear instructions for the following in the description or in a link:"]
[:li "Developing the project locally"]
[:li "Running tests if there are tests"]
[:li "Contributing code (pull request? tests required?)"]
[:li "Contacting other devs - slack, mailing list, IRC, etc"]]]]]
[input :text :project/name
:required true
:placeholder "luminus"]
[input :text :project/tagline
:tip [:span "A brief description that conveys the project's purpose"
[:span [ui/markdown-help-toggle]]]
:placeholder "An all-inclusive micro-framework for web dev"]
[input :text :project/repo-url
:required true
:label "Repo URL"
:placeholder ""
:tip [:span "Where to view the repo in a browser"]]
[input :text :project/home-page-url
:required true
:label "Home Page URL"
:placeholder ""
:tip [:span "Where to learn about the project. It can be the same as the repo URL."]]
[input :checkbox :project/beginner-friendly
:label "Beginner friendly?"
:tip [:span "Does this project have clear instructions
for inexperienced Clojurists on how to contribute to
this project? Are there clearly-markeed tasks that are
easy enough for a noob?"]]
[input :text :project/beginner-issues-label
:label "Tag for beginner-friendly issues"
:placeholder "beginner"
:tip [:span "The tag you use e.g. on GitHub to distinguish which issues are easy enough for beginners"]]
[input :text :record/tags
:tip "Comma-separated"
:placeholder "web development, framework, backend, frontend"]
[input :textarea :project/description
:placeholder "Luminus is a Clojure micro-framework for web development. We have an active community that's dedicated to helping new-comers. To learn about how to get involved, please visit our contribute page: You can also stop by #luminus on Slack or IRC."
:required true
:tip [:span "What your project does and instructions on how people can get involved."]]]
[:input {:type "submit" :value (submit-text data)}]
[fh/progress-indicator form]]]]
[ui/ctg {:transitionName "slide" :class "slide-container"}
(when show-preview [preview/preview data])]]]))))