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package actions
import constants.{FlashKey, SessionKey}
import controllers.routes
import play.api.{Configuration, Environment}
import play.api.mvc._
import scala.concurrent.Future
import play.api.mvc.Results._
import WithJContextSupportAction._
* Custom action that checks whether an user is attempting to access a sudo protected area e.g. accessing payments
* or security changes. This guard makes sure that the user is requested to re-enter the password again by redirecting
* her to the re-login view.
* @param action The inner action
* @param auth The PlayAuthenticate singleton
* @tparam A the type of the request body
case class SudoForbidCookieAuthAction[A](action: Action[A])(implicit auth: PlayAuthenticate, config: Configuration, env: Environment, jContext: JContext) extends Action[A] {
def apply(request: Request[A]): Future[Result] = {
if (auth.isAuthorizedWithCookie(jContext)) {
// save url in session
jContext.session().put(SessionKey.REDIRECT_TO_URI_KEY, request.uri)
Future.successful(Redirect(routes.Application.relogin()).flashing(FlashKey.FLASH_ERROR_KEY -> "Please type password again to access requested page"))
} else {
override def executionContext = action.executionContext
override val parser: BodyParser[A] = action.parser
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