Video game backlog manager for glory and justice.
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== Caboose is a video game backlog manager for glory and justice ==

I have too many video games, and I'd love to play them all. I haven't found a good tool to decide which games to play (and when), and face an increasingly erupting volcano of video game entertainment. To solve this situation (and give my brain exercise), I'm building and open-sourcing Caboose.

== Goals ==

Caboose is meant to be a personal video game backlog manager, supporting PC, console, and other personal gaming. I hope to add features that identify personal playing patterns and adjust recommendations accordingly (for example, I like to play longer quests or campaigns on weekends).

August 2012 Goal: Build a web application that I enjoy using. August 2012 Goal: Effectively leverage Steam API to securely access game listings and present information in a helpful way.

On a personal level, I'm excited to improve my technical skills in Django (and mobile development, eventually). I hope to build an application that fellow gamers might find fun and useful.

== Inspiration ==

The Backloggery is a really cool backlog manager for mutiple platforms that provides very useful gameplay statistics. I enjoyed trying it out and it may be a great tool for your gaming needs.