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Install Python 3.6+, then run pip install botw-duplicator-tools.



Use -b for big-endian (Wii U) files.

Get entry data

actorinfo_tool [-b] ACTORINFO_FILE get ENTRY_NAME

(e.g. actorinfo_tool -b ActorInfo.product.sbyml get Armor_001_Head)

Delete entry

actorinfo_tool [-b] ACTORINFO_FILE del ENTRY_NAME

Duplicate entry

For making new actors.


Edit variable in entry



Use -b for big-endian (Wii U) files.

Copy instSize

For putting armor models over other armors

actorinfo_tool [-b] ACTORINFO_FILE copy_instsize FROM_ENTRY_NAME TO_ENTRY_NAME


Use -b for big-endian (Wii U) files.

Rename file inside pack

actorpack_tool [-b] ACTORPACK rename_file FILE_EXTENSION NEW_NAME

(e.g. actorpack_tool -b Enemy_Bokoblin_Junior.sbactorpack rename_file baiprog Enemy_Haha_Lol.baiprog )

Copy model and physics from one actor to another

For putting an armor over a different existing armor. Use -b for big-endian (Wii U) files.

actorpack_tool [-b] ACTORPACK copy_model FROM_ACTORPACK


For correctly duplicating bfres files (also works on bitemico files). The name of the new bfres must be same length as the name of the original bfres.

(Simply copy-pasting the bfres/bitemico file won't make the required internal changes to the file).

bfres_duplicator OLD_FILE_PATH NEW_FILE_PATH


To put a duplicate of an armor's model (and physics) over a different one:

This example will put Armor_001_Head over Armor_050_Head, and Armor_002_Lower over Armor_050_Lower.

    • bfres_duplicator [-b] path/to/Armor_001.sbfres path/to/Arm050Hed.sbfres
    • bfres_duplicator [-b] path/to/Armor_002.sbfres path/to/Arm050Lwr.sbfres Do this for their Tex1 and Tex2 as well. This will make new files for you to put your new models and icons into. Only the head part of Arm050Hed will be loaded, and the same for the lower part of Arm050Lwr.
    • actorpack_tool [-b] path/to/Armor_050_Head.sbactorpack copy_model path/to/Armor_001_Head.sbactorpack
    • actorpack_tool [-b] path/to/Armor_050_Lower.sbactorpack copy_model path/to/Armor_002_Lower.sbactorpack This will move the armors' paramater files for their models and physics over to a different actorpack. Don't follow the instructions about rstbtool.
    • actorpack_tool [-b] path/to/Armor_050_Head.sbactorpack rename_file bmodellist Arm050Hed
    • actorpack_tool [-b] path/to/Armor_050_Lower.sbactorpack rename_file bmodellist Arm050Lwr This will rename the .bmodellist files in the actorpacks so that you can safely edit them. Again, don't follow the instructions about rstbtool.
  1. Inside Armor_050_Head.sbactorpack, open the ModelUser/Arm050Hed.bmodellist, and change all occurrences of Armor_001 to Arm050Hed. This changes the bfres file that the actor will load.

  2. Inside Armor_050_Lower.sbactorpack, open the ModelUser/Arm050Lwr.bmodellist, and change all occurrences of Armor_002 to Arm050Lwr.

  3. Use leoetlino's rstbtool on these files:

    • Actor/Pack/Armor_050_Head.bactorpack
    • Actor/Pack/Armor_050_Lower.bactorpack
    • Actor/ActorLink/Armor_050_Head.bxml
    • Actor/ActorLink/Armor_050_Lower.bxml

To make a whole new armor by duplicating an existing one:

This example will make a new Armor_999_Head out of Armor_001_Head.

  1. actorinfo_tool [-b] path/to/ActorInfo.product.sbyml duplicate Armor_001_Head Armor_999_Head This creates an entry in ActorInfo.product.sbyml for your new actor, registering it with the game.

  2. bfres_duplicator [-b] path/to/Armor_001.sbfres path/to/Armor_999.sbfres Do this for all 3 armor parts, including their Tex1 and Tex2, and also for all the associated .sbitemico files. This will make new files for you to put your new models and icons into.

  3. Copy and paste Armor_001_Head.sbactorpack to make a new Armor_999_Head.sbactorpack.

  4. actorpack_tool [-b] path/to/Armor_001_Head.sbactorpack rename_file bmodellist Armor_999_Head This will rename the .bmodellist file in the actorpack so that you can safely edit it. Don't follow the instructions about rstbtool.

  5. Inside Armor_999_Head.sbactorpack, rename ActorLink/Armor_001_Head.bxml to Armor_999_Head.bxml.

  6. Still inside Armor_999_Head.sbactorpack, open ModelList/Armor_001_Head.bmodellist, and change all occurrences of Armor_001 to Armor_999. This changes the bfres file that the actor will load.

  7. If you want to edit any other files in the actorpack, make sure to rename them to something new, and change the reference to the renamed file in the ActorLink .bxml to match the new name. This is because in BotW, files with the same name cannot have different content, even if they are in different .sbactorpacks. You can do this easily using the rename_file function of actorpack_tool.


Tools for duplicating actors and models, for modding the game 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'.







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