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Colored file icons for Sublime Text. Also available in greyscale.

Adds specific, colored icons for most file types for the sidebar in Sublime Text 3. Supports both the Default and Adaptive themes.

Inspired by A File Icon, but simpler:

  • Doesn't introduce "alias" languages like "Javascript (Gulpfile)"
  • No runtime code: no manipulation of settings or themes, no restarting
  • No configuration: just uses existing theme override behavior


The following changes are made to Adaptive/Default.sublime-theme. You can override them by creating a theme file with the same name in your Packages/User directory.

    "class": "icon_file_type",
    "layer0.tint": [255, 255, 255],
    "layer0.opacity": 0.75,
    "content_margin": [8, 8]
    "class": "icon_file_type",
    "parents": [{"class": "tree_row", "attributes": ["hover"]}],
    "layer0.opacity": 0.5
    "class": "icon_file_type",
    "parents": [{"class": "tree_row", "attributes": ["selected"]}],
    "layer0.opacity": 1.0


The "build" directory contains svg assets. Each icon is assigned a color in icons.json, available colors are listed in colors.json.

To produce png files:

  • npm install
  • npm run build

To add an icon:

  • add an svg asset with the correct name
  • add an entry to icons.json and assign it a color
  • add an entry to the preferences directory
  • run the build
  • commit the files
  • open a PR
  • 💃

Enable file icons for 3rd party themes

To get file icons in any theme other than Default or Adaptive, take the following steps:

  • Go to the Sublime Text "Packages" directory (e.g. via the command "Browse Packages").
  • Download the latest version of FileIcons, or clone the repo. Download or switch to the mono branch for the gray-scale icons.
  • Put the "FileIcons" directory you just downloaded/cloned into "Packages" directory.
  • In your settings, check what theme you're using (e.g. 'itg.flat.dark.sublime-theme').
  • In the FileIcons directory, open the "theme" directory. At the top you should see both "Adaptive.sublime-theme" and "Default.sublime-theme". You can rename either of those to the filename you just found in your settings.
  • Restart Sublime Text and you should see icons in the sidebar!

Buy me a coffee


If you enjoy this package, feel free to make a little donation via PayPal towards the coffee that keeps this project running. It's much appreciated!