Duplicate files and copy paths from the Side Bar in Sublime Text 3
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Sidebar Tools

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Some useful tools to add to your sidebar context menu:

  • Copy Filename
  • Copy Relative Path
  • Copy Absolute Path
  • Duplicate
  • Move

They're all also available via the command palette, in addition to:

  • Reveal In Sidebar

To open a file in its default application, consider installing the Open in Default Application package.

If you're looking for "Reveal in Finder/Explorer" for directories, Open in Default Application does that too.

This package offers fewer commands than e.g. SidebarEnhancements, striking a balance somewhere between the bare minimum and going overboard. This has benefits:

  • The default context menu isn't replaced, this package just adds some useful new commands.
  • It's tiny, light-weight and reliable.
  • We won't track you. Ever.


We used SidebarEnhancements as a starting point, but completely re-implemented everything we wanted to keep. Now it comes in at just over 200 lines of super clean Python with zero legacy. Special thanks go out to @rwols and @mandx to make this happen.