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Sea Lion Theme for Sublime Text 3
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Sea Lion Theme

** -- No Longer Maintained -- **

A macOS inspired theme for Sublime Text 3.

To configure Sublime Text to use the theme:

  • Open your User Settings Preferences
  • Add (or update) your theme entry to be "theme": "Sea Lion.sublime-theme"
  • ... or for the Dark version set it to "theme": "Sea Lion Dark.sublime-theme"

File-type icons

A File Icon is pretty awesome. For a good monochrome match with Sea Lion, put this in the package's user settings:

  "opacity": 1.0,
  "opacity_on_hover": 1.0,
  "opacity_on_select": 1.0,
  // light
  "color": "#B6B6B6",
  "color_on_hover": "#777777",
  "color_on_select": "#181818",
  // dark
  "color": "#777777",
  "color_on_hover": "#828282",
  "color_on_select": "#FAFAFA"
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