A complete pastebin.com API wrapper for Java
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jPastebin is a complete pastebin.com API wrapper for Java. It's an implementation of the full pastebin API.

You can generate a paste with just a few lines!

Developer key

In order to use this API you´ll need a pastebin developer key.


This API can do much more than just generating pastes.

  • Creating pastes
  • Getting trending pastes
  • Getting pastes created by a user
  • Deleting a paste
  • Getting a users information and setting
  • Getting raw paste contents


This API wrapper is fully documentated! You can find the javadoc here.


Having trouble starting? Check out some examples to get you started.

Simple example
String developerKey = "INSERT DEVELOPER KEY HERE";
String title = "My first jPastebin paste!"; // insert your own title
String contents = "Hello world"; // insert your own paste contents
// paste, get URL & print
System.out.println(Pastebin.pastePaste(developerKey, contents, title));
More examples

You can find more advanced examples in the examples package


Having issues? Post a new issue.


The current version of this API is v1.0. This API uses the latest official pastebin.com API.