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A CLI to sync locale files with
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Web Translate It

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This is a gem providing tools to sync your software’s language files with Web Translate It, a web-based computer-aided translation tool.

Web Translate It

This gem provides your app with:

  • an executable, wti, to upload and download language files from the command line (or in whatever else you want to execute it)
  • a handful of rake task to fetch and upload your translations.
  • a rack middleware to automatically fetch new translations from Web Translate It.


gem install web_translate_it

At this point you should have the wti executable working. If your project if already set up on Web Translate It, open a terminal and type wti autoconf to generate the configuration file.

Run wti --help to see the usage:

pull            Pull target language file(s) from Web Translate It.
push            Push master language file(s) to Web Translate It.
autoconf        Configure your project to sync with Web Translate It.
stats           Fetch and display your project statistics.

-l --locale     The ISO code of a specific locale to pull or push.
-c --config     Path to a translation.yml file. If this option
                is absent, looks for config/translation.yml.
--all           Respectively download or upload all files.
--force         Force wti pull to re-download the language file,
                regardless if local version is current.
-v --version    Show version.
-h --help       This page.

Specific tools for Ruby on Rails

This gem includes some rake tasks and a rack middleware to integrate Web Translate It with Ruby on Rails.

  • Add to your config/environments.rb:

    config.gem 'web_translate_it'

  • Then, run:

    rake gems:install

  • Copy/paste your API key from Web Translate It and run:

    script/generate webtranslateit --api-key your_key_here

    The generator does two things:

    • It adds a auto-configured config/translation.yml file using Web Translate It’s API.
    • It adds require 'web_translate_it/tasks' rescue LoadError to your Rakefile

Rake tasks provided

There are 3 rake tasks.

rake trans:fetch:all

Fetch the latest translations for all your files for all languages defined in Web Translate It’s interface, except for the languages set in ignore_locales.

rake trans:fetch[fr_FR]

Fetch the latest translations for all the languages defined in Web Translate It’s interface. It takes the locale name as a parameter

rake trans:upload[fr_FR]

Upload to Web Translate It your files in a specific locale defined in Web Translate It’s interface.

Read more about Rails integration in the wiki.

Supported Rails Versions

The gem currently has been tested against the following versions of Rails:

  • 2.3.4
  • 2.3.5

Please open a discussion on our support site if you're using a version of Rails that is not listed above and the gem is not working properly.


What is Web Translate It anyway?

Web Translate It is a web-based translation tool to collaboratively translate software.

To learn more about it, please visit our tour page.

This gem is released under the MIT License.

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