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Remote Control is a tool to control the slides of your HTML5 presentation through a cell phone

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Remote Control


A tool to control the slides of your HTML5 presentation through a cell phone.

Maintainer: Jaydson Gomes

How it works

Remote Control is based on WebSockets, so you may have a good and modern browser, like Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

The phone send a message through WebSockets to the server. The server receive the message as an action that must be executed, like 'next' or 'previous'. This action are emited to the HTML5 presentation.


How to install

For while, you need to install manually :(

First, if you don't have node, you must to install. Google it, if you don't know how. Install

npm install

How to use

Run app.js:

node app.js

The server will be available at port 81 http:localhost:81, but you can change if you want.

Now, you need to add 2 JavaScript libraries to your HTML5 presentation:

<script src="http://localhost:81/"></script>
<script src="path/to/remote-control.js"></script>

You're almost ready to start the presentation! Add this code to your presentation file:

var remote = new RemoteControl();
remote.on('next', function() {
    // Your method to move to the next slide

remote.on('previous', function() {
    // Your method to move to the previous slide

Now point your phone browser to your IP address on port 81. You must see a ugly(i'm working on that) page with 3 buttons. If everything is ok, now you are able to control your HTML5 presentation with your phone.

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MIT License © BrazilJS Foundation

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