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May 6, 2012


Version 0.7.2
- Change: Allow wildcards in history functions
  (Might break backwards compatibility in rare cases where code relies on
   the '_' atom as a normal atom, it is now the wildcard pattern)
- Change: Add caller Pid to history
  *CAUTION* This will break backwards compatibility for functions that rely
  on the return value of history/1!
- New: function num_calls/3+4 that return number of calls made to a MFA spec.
- New: function called/4 that takes a caller Pid as argument
- New: function history/2 that takes a caller Pid as argument
- Change: By default, passthrough now records coverage statistics on original
  module (disable by using the 'no_passthrough_cover' option).
Jul 18, 2011


Version 0.7.1
- Fix GH-30: passthrough not accepting different arguments
Jul 13, 2011


Version 0.7
- Add unstick option making it possible to mock sticky modules
Jun 30, 2011


Version 0.6.3
- Fix incorrect version number in .app file
Jun 10, 2011


Version 0.6.2
- Fix re adding shortcut expects
- Fix returning of opaque terms in shortcut expectations
Jun 8, 2011


Version 0.6.1
- Fix bug with node name on certain hosts
- Fix makefile depending on non-existing local rebar
- Speed impromevents for for shortcut expects (from 13 microseconds to
  1 microsecond)
May 25, 2011
May 24, 2011
May 24, 2011
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