Rugged Internet for people and things

  • A react component for playing a variety of URLs, including file paths, YouTube, SoundCloud and Vimeo

    JavaScript 289 MIT Updated Nov 30, 2017
  • An application store that can be used by first crisis responders to install, delete and launch applications

    Python 18 6 Updated Nov 11, 2016
  • The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any web application.

    JavaScript 620 MIT Updated Jun 29, 2016
  • ThingSpeak is an open source “Internet of Things” application and API to store and retrieve data from things using HTTP over the Internet or via a Local Area Network. With ThingSpeak, you can create sensor logging applications, location tracking applications, and a social network of things with status updates.

    Ruby 279 Updated Jun 2, 2016
  • astro

    Forked from jturner/astro

    A small, simple web framework for Lua

    Lua 2 Updated Jun 10, 2015
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