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Add-ons for Stack Exchange sites, like: askdifferent, askubuntu, serverfault, stackoverflow and superuser
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Installing StackExchangeNotifications

Note: requires Firefox 48+, extension uses web_accessible_resources only supported in 48 version

About StackExchangeNotifications


This extension has been created for you to stay connected on their StackExchange sites when you're doing other activities:

  • Notifies you of new messages in "inbox"
  • Notifies you when your achievements change (downvotes, upvotes, badges)
  • Quick read of "inbox"
  • Quick read of "achievements"

StackExchangeNotifications screenshots

inbox and achievements in your browser

For developers

For debugging or testing push notifications there are some functions:

Function Description
.setAchievements(int achievements [, int score]) Use integers in two parameters
.setInbox(int msgs) Use integers, may be 0, 1 or higher
.update() After use setAchievements and/or setInbox, perform this function, this function show results in "push notifications" over icon and pop-up tabs
.getAchievements() Get current total achievements, return a object like {score: int, acquired: int}
.hasCache() Return true if has cache or false if no
.clearCache([, type]) Clear inbox and achievements cache, if first parameter empty clear cache from inbox and achivements, or specific inbox and achievements in first parameter
.meta() Get appname and version, return object like this {appname: string, version: string}
.getInbox() Get total messages in Inbox, return int

Debugging in Opera or Chrome

  • Click with right mouse button, and select "Inspect pop-up"
  • Go to Console tab in "Developer Tools" and type your commands

(More details:

Debugging in Firefox

Note: Requires Firefox 48+ (or Developer Edition) for load of temporary add-on

  • Type about:debugging in "address bar"
  • Click in "Load Temporary Add-on"
  • Go to chrome folder (from this project) and select background.js
  • After add-on is showed, click on "Debug" button (on right extension)
  • In Console tab type your commands

(More details:


Show fake new score:


Show fake new badges or privileges:

StackExchangeNotifications.setAchievements(-1, 800);

Show fake new achievements score, badges and privileges:

StackExchangeNotifications.setAchievements(20, 800);

Show fake new messages in Inbox:


Two commands simultaneously:

StackExchangeNotifications.setAchievements(10, 300);
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