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Simple S3 Request and Response NSURL(Request | Response)subclasses
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S3Kit is a collection of utilities that make it easier to access Amazon's S3 via their REST API. Currently, the main feature is a NSURLRequest subclass, BS3Request. This class can be used in place of a standard NSURLRequest to do a lot of the work involved in formatting and signing various requests to the REST API.

Installation Instructions

S3Kit is a static library and is best included as a sub-module of your app's Git repo. More detailed instructions coming soon.

Example Usage

BS3Request * request = [[BS3Request alloc] initWithAccessKey:@"KEYHERE" secretKey:@"KEYHERE"];
NSData *data = [NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest:request ...];

I will be updating the header files with documentation, check out the tests for some examples of different inputs.

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