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A featherweight web publishing tool.
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Soxer, the web publishing tool

Soxer is a document/url centric web publishing system. It enables the developer to quickly setup, design and deploy any web based project, from quick mock-ups to complete portals.

Soxer is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License and is supported by Formalibre.

It's strong points include:

  • All data and configuration is disk based.
  • Everything is editable with a text editor.
  • There is no relational database back end.
  • It uses and follows standards. The document format is YAML
  • Document model is loose (adaptable "on the fly") and only determined by your views or partials.
  • Final deployment can be dynamic or static.
  • It's a Sinatra modular application, so you can easily incorporate it into existing project.

What Soxer is not (yet)...

  • ... a complete CMS in classic sense.
  • ... a turn-key-slap-the-logo-on-and-charge-for-it solution.

Test drive the soxer

You can install soxer by:

sudo gem install soxer

You can benefit by installing 2 more gems:

sudo gem install thin rdiscount`

Thin and rdiscount are not necessary for Soxer to run, but they make it run much faster even in development mode. Thin is a production ready rubyweb server, rdiscount is a ruby interface to discount, a C implementation of Markdown.

To create a "hello world" type 'empty' application named 'webpage', you can run:

soxer create empty webpage

The directory webpage, which you just created has everything you need to run your first soxer application. Just enter it and run soxer in developement mode:

cd webpage; soxer test

You can even create a static site:

soxer generate htmls static

This will generate a set of htmls (ending with .html) a directory called 'static' inside your project directory.

It's that simple.

You can read more about soxer on, which hosts a growing list of tutorials.
You can also contact the author at toni at formalibre dot si.

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