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brdgme - Lo-fi board games by email and web

brdgme is a lo-fi multiplayer board gaming service, frontend and collection of game implementations, including bot support.

A completed game of Lost Cities.

brdgme is entirely free and open-source software.

brdgme development and the service provided is driven by the following core philosophies:

  • Play-by-email, not notify-by-email - all games can be played only using email, the server can process commands from email replies.
  • Corporate / school network friendly - the system is geared towards being usable inside strict overbearing networks, if can send and receive emails you can play.
  • ASCII graphics, focus on readability and usability - all game renders are ASCII text with coloring and basic text decoration.
  • Basic text commands - all game plays are made with simple text commands like play a4 and buy 3 sackson, making pure play-by-email and bot creation incredibly simple.
  • Strong bot support, and community developed bots - games will only go live in brdgme if they have at least a basic official bot implemented, and community members can submit their own bots to play again humans and other bots.


Lo-fi board games by email and web



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