A Browser written in JS. Free. Modular. Hackable.
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Breach: A Browser for the HTML5 Era

Modular Everything in the browser is a module, a web-app running in its own process. Construct your own browsing experience by selecting the right modules for you.

Hackable Want vertical tabs? Write some JS & CSS! Customised autocomplete engine? JS! Every behavior is programmatic and exposed through APIs.

Open source The entire technology stack is open source. Modify existing modules and you can create your own to extend the behavior of Breach.

Getting Involved

You can find a list of Modules available or under developement here: List of Modules

Runing Breach on Linux

See instructions here: Running Breach on Linux

Support the fun

DogeCoin: D5yw7dP4XqE2vEDVwwRxyH6VtuTdCHEwGP