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James Bennett: (for creating django-registration)
Grigoriy Petukhov: (for creating django-account)
Lukasz Balcerzak: (for django-guardian and Polish translations)
George Notaras: (for making userena 2.4 compatible)
Jannis Leidel: (for fixing installation script)
Guillaume Esquevin: (for improving translations)
Aram Dulyan: (for making userena compatible with Django 1.5 user model)
Michał Jaworski: (for adding tox testing and updating Userena to work with Django 1.6.)
Adi Jörg Sieker: (for updating documentation and profile admin)
Joel Bremson: (for updating documentation)
Boris Savelev: (for fixing some signal issues and allowing '@' in userena profile urls)
nachouve: (for updating documentation)
Ethno-urban: (for updating documentation)
Fabio Souto: (for updating documentation)
ChangeSomeCode: (for adding support for Django 1.7)
Ghassen Telmoudi: (for work on Python 3 support)
Leonardo Orozco: (for work on Python 3 support and multiple improvements)
Guillaume Thomas: (for various fixes)
Morten W. Hansen: (for various fixes and translations)
wordstospend: (for updating documentation)
Žan Anderle: (for improvements and compatibility fixes)
Alex Willmer: (for fixing django 1.4 builds)
Andres Vargas: (for fixing translations)
Angel Ramboi: (for Romanian translations)
smlz: (for tremendous work in adding Django 1.7 and Django 1.8 support)