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This file contains all the backwards-incompatible (since 1.0.1) and other
significant (since 1.4.1) changes.
## Version 1.4.1
Fixes and improvements:
- Set `html2text==2014.12.29` requirement in order to remove nasty hack
in `userena/` (#462).
- Updated version in Sphinx docs (#461).
- Added support for Python3.2 (#453).
- Fixed issue causing malformed utf-8 usernames on user profile creation (#456).
- Fixed issue with user creation on Python3.4 (#455).
- Fixed randomly failing tests on travis (#446).
## Version 1.4.0
Fixes and improvements:
- Python3.3 and Python3.4 support added.
## Version 1.3.2
Backwards incompatibile changes:
- Creating new user always creates new empty userena profile (fixes bug from 1.3.1).
## Version 1.3.1
Backwards incompatibile changes:
- When USERENA_ACTIVATION_REQUIRED = False, creating new user does not automatically
create userena profile (bug).
## Version 1.2.2
Backwards incompatibile changes:
- Changed backwards relationships names for Umessages contrib application from
`to_user` to `um_to_user` and `from_user` to `um_from_user`.
## Version 1.2.0
Backwards incompatibile changes:
- This version updates Userena to be able to use the new `User` model found in
Django 1.5. This does require the django-guardion > 1.5-dev. To make this
work, there is a `get_user_model` function in `userena/` which is used
to get the correct `User` model.
## Version 1.1.2
Backwards incompatibile changes:
- Activation view no longer contains username. If you override
`userena/templates/userena/emails/activation_email_message.txt` and
`userena/templates/userena/emails/confirmation_email_message_new.txt` be sure
to remove username from the URL.
## Version 1.1
Backwards incompatibile changes:
- Userena now requires Django >= 1.3 because of the use of class based views.
## Version 1.0.1
Backwards incompatibile changes:
- Removed the ``user`` relationship outside ``UserenaBaseProfile`` model. This
allows the user to define it's own relationship and fixes a conflict while
running `` test``. To migrate, place the ``user`` field inside your
profile model, instead of inheriting it from the ``abstract`` class.
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