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A small JS client to handle fetching the ever-loved Party Parrots (of all varieties).

Mega parrot!



npm i fetch-the-parrot --save


yarn add fetch-the-parrot

Basic examples

var getParrotGif = require('fetch-the-parrot').getParrotGif;

var parrot = getParrotGif({
  'name': 'Parrot',
  'res': 'hd',
  'path': 'http://my-parrot-website.com/parrots/'


/* Result */
import { getParrotGif } from 'fetch-the-parrot'

  'name': 'Fiesta Parrot',
  'path': 'http://my-parrot-website.com/parrots/'
}, gif => {

  /* Result */


This library exposes 3 methods in total.

So far we've seen getParrotGif in the above snippets, but getParrotsJSON & searchParrotsByName are also available. Let's run over all 3 methods in more detail:

  • getParrotGif(options, callback): This is the method used to return a partyparrot's .gif URL.

    • options object

      • name string: Party parrot's name, case insensitive (use names as labelled here).

      • res string: The resolution for our gif, sd (default) or hd. Note, not all party parrots have HD support, in the case of a hd request on an "sd-only" parrot, the SD version will be returned.

      • path string: Optional string to set the path of where the party parrot images are located.

    • callback(gif) function: Returns the gif URL if successful.

  • getParrotsJSON(callback): Returns the main json object of all parrots.

    • callback(data) function: Returns json object if successful.
  • searchParrotsByName(name, callback): Returns the single object for a parrot.

    • name string: Name, case insensitive, of the parrot we're searching for (use names as labelled here).

    • callback(data) function: Returns json object for queried parrot if successful.

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