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BreadTube Bake CLI

The bake cli is a companion CLI to the breadtubetv/breadtubetv project.


Scripts are being written in Go, this keeps the scripting and operational language the same, provides cross system compatibility, and gives everyone an opportunity to learn a new programming language.


The compiled bake binary has no dependencies, so you can download your platforms release from the release page, pop it in your $PATH and off you go.

If you want to build from source you will need the Go programming language installed, and your $GOPATH configured.

# Enable Go 1.11+ module support
export GO111MODULE=on
go get

This will install the binary into your $GOPATH/bin folder. If you don't already it's recommended you add this directory to your $PATH.


Configuring the bake CLI

The .bake.yaml configuration file can be stored in the following locations:

  • $HOME/.bake.yaml
  • ./bake.yaml (In other words, the current directory from which you're running the CLI)

Current configuration options and default values:

  • projectRoot: "../" : Directory of channel data files.
    E.g. $GOPATH/src/


Once you have bake installed:

Import a Channel

bake channel import creator_slug youtube channel_url

Import a Video

Using the Video ID
bake import video --creator creator_slug --provider youtube --id VIDEO_ID
Using the Video URL
bake import video --creator creator_slug --provider youtube --url https://VIDEO_URL

Note: The following formats are supported


You'll need the Go programming language installed. We recommend version v1.12+. This is going to be dependent on your system, we recommend following

Clone the repo and pull dependencies:

# Enable Go 1.11 module support
export GO111MODULE=on
# Clone directory
git clone
cd bake
# Download dependencies
go mod download

NOTE: The spf13/cobra generator CLI won't work if you don't clone the project into $GOPATH. This is not a requirement to develop for the project.

Linting & Pre-Commit

We recommend using golangci/golangci-lint for linting. A development config ( is provided. To use this config:

golangci-lint run

A .pre-commit-config.yaml is provided for pre-commit hooks using pre-commit/pre-commit.

Submitting a PR

We welcome PRs! The only thing we ask is that you ensure you keep the go.mod and go.sum files clean by running the following:

GO111MODULE=on go mod tidy


Bake has some very basic tests for now, they can be run with the standard go test command line:

go get -t ./...
go test ./...


Releasing is automated via git tag and CircleCI. Users with write permissions will be able to create tags. To create a new release:

# vX.Y.Z needs to be a valid SemVer version number
git tag vX.Y.Z
git push --tags

CircleCI will do the rest!

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