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This project aims to list anti-establishment public YouTubers for simplified onboarding of new members to the cause.

Check out the announcement on r/breadtube to follow the discussion.

Growing from this base we want to build a platform which elevates content creators far beyond what YouTube can currently offer, and gives them resiliance from being censored or deplatformed.

For now though this is a really simple website

  • Channels can be added to the homepage under data/channels.yml
  • Videos can be added to the homepage under data/channels.yml
  • Playlists can be created to link to videos and channels
  • Social media can be changed inconfig.toml.

We'd like to simplify the process for adding content, this is a project you can help with!


Hugo (


hugo serve
open localhost:1313


Adding a Channel

Walkthrough Video

Creating a Playlist


Pull requests are automatically deployed to a self contained environment for review.



While this is a simple Hugo website, hosting is on