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Quality content going against the prevailing winds of the internet.
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This project aims to list anti-establishment public YouTubers for simplified onboarding of new members to the cause.

Check out the announcement on r/breadtube to follow the discussion.

Growing from this base we want to build a platform which elevates content creators far beyond what YouTube can currently offer, and gives them resilience from being censored or deplatformed.

For now though this is a really simple website

  • Channels can be added to the homepage under data/channels.yml
  • Videos can be added to the homepage under data/channels.yml
  • Playlists can be created to link to videos and channels
  • Social media can be changed inconfig.toml.

We'd like to simplify the process for adding content, this is a project you can help with!


Hugo (

Content Development

hugo serve
open localhost:1313


Walkthrough Video

We have a video to walk you through the process, let us know if you need any help!

Bake Command Line Interface (Recommended)

You'll need to install Bake

bake channel import SLUG youtube URL

Visit for more information

Manually Add Channel

You really shouldn't need to do this, work to get Bake working and you'll be able to work more efficiently.

  • Create a <channelName>.yaml file in data/channels/
  • Fill in the required information:
      name: Readable Name
      permalink: <slug>
          name: Readable Name
          slug: username
          name: Readable Name
          slug: youtube-id
          subscribers: 9000
      slug: <slug>
      - breadtube
  • Create a <channelName>.md file in content/channel/
  • Follow this example format:
    title: "<Readable Name>"
    type: "channel"
    channel: "<slug>"
        parent: "Channels"
    - abc123def
  • Download the image and save it to static/img/channels/

Creating a Playlist


Pull requests are automatically deployed to a self contained environment for review.



While this is a simple Hugo website, hosting is on

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