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name: The Antifada
permalink: theantifada
name: The Antifada
slug: UCxQ5j4qz0YcWW5EfYGV3c-g
description: |-
The Antifada is more than a podcast. It’s a specter haunting the globe. It is the synthesis of the two most frightening things for the cheerleaders of this reactionary hell world, one ravaged by the unbounded savagery of capital and it’s states: antifa super-soldiers and intifada; bash the fash and a global uprising.
Be prepared to enter
The Antifada Mindset.
With Jamie Peck, Sean KB, AP Andy, and a rotating cast of guests.
Help support the show, access premium content, and join the Antifada community for as little as $2 a month at
subscribers: 5320
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- hP0MHxZHGrw
- J-IgsPjnigw
- R3GrS4riuYE
- vcHzLaphxo0
- zYPFV_N4y-Q
- BmsDT4QzwWg
- qFlhIAiyCsI
- URmr5xoSY0I
- 4DMMH6Wrbp4
- No254GlNHrc
slug: theantifada
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id: -ceXTe-DEp0
title: Episode Seventeen - The Working Class Goes to Hell w Matt Christman & Virgil
description: "Join the Antifada community to hear more spicy takes from this conversation
(dropping later this week)!\n\nIn this very
special Antifada offering, Andy, Jamie and Sean are joined by your favorite sons:
Matt Christman and Virgil Texas of Chapo Trap House. Gang begins by addressing the
central questions of our hyper-digital age: what if God friended you on Facebook?
Is QAnon just a benign hobby for bored Boomers? And, holy shit, what if GOD WAS
QANON? \n\nMatt, Virgil and Jamie reveal - for the very first time - their respective
political tendencies. Everyone marvels at how high-T Jeb(!) managed to lose the
primary despite the PR coup of offering a poorly branded guaca bowle. \n\nCrew get
knee-deep into Paul Schrader's 1978 classic \"Blue Collar\" starring Richard Pryor,
Yaphet Kotto and Harvey Keitel's genitalia. How does this movie about struggling
union autoworkers help us understand the 70s as more than just bad hair and bell
bottoms? (C.f. Jefferson Cowie's \"Stayin' Alive\" and the upcoming \"Chapo Guide
to Revolution: A Manifesto Against Logic, Facts and Reason\") \n\nHow did the \"Golden
Age\" of US capitalism break down? How the hell did we end up in neoliberal hellworld
when the 70s saw the most massive wildcat strike wave since the 30s? Why can't we
return to decadent late social-democracy complete with coke benders, shag carpets
to bang across, crushed velvet noodie posters and modernist chairs made to look
like cocks'n'balls? Ugh. \n\nAfter the depressing grind of Blue Collar, Matt suggests
we lighten the mood with \"Gung Ho\" (1986) starring Michael Keaton. What's more
uplifting after watching a film about declining racial solidarity among the US working
class than one that uses stereotypes about the Japanese for cheap yuks? What's more
laughable than watching a town full of autoworker rubes look to a washed up high
school jock to solve their employment crisis? \n\nIn a startling twist, the entire
crew turns on the American working class as the indolent, entitled chuds they are:
you will all wear Ribbons of Shame in the highly disciplined and sadistic Japanese-dominated
future! \n\nLuckily, this week's viral wildcat video by a Hero of Socialist Labor
saves us from going full MAGA. Spoiler: in the end our various tendencies are synthesized
into Antoine Dangerfield Thought. \n\nBecome a patron today to access more content
and hang out with us in our rad Discord community. The Antifada:
\n\n\nCheck out Chapo Trap House: \n\n\n
\n \n \n\nBUY
THE BOOK: \n\nAntifada logo: Debbie Allen \n\n\nFollow
the AF crew on Twitter: \n\n\n\n\n#Antifada\n#ChapoTrapHouse\n#LeftIsBest"
source: youtube
channel: theantifada
publishdate: "2018-08-08T01:00:48.000Z"
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id: 0pQEHizlSvA
title: Episode Four - Liberal Derangement Syndrome w Doug Henwood and Liza Featherstone
description: "Help support the show, access premium content, and join the Antifada
community for as little as $2 a month at\n\n\nIn
The Antifada's HARD LAUNCH episode, Jamie and Sean speak with socialist power couple
Doug Henwood and Liza Featherstone about aggression in Syria, the governor's race
in New York, and liberal derangement syndrome. \nLiza does an on-air version of
her socialist-feminist advice column in The Nation, \"Asking for a Friend.\" Jamie
almost sells out, but mistakes ice cream for soap so w/e. \nSean reminds us that
leftists don't make heroes of i-banking cops like James Comey. \nDoug and Liza talk
about how they met and their philosophy on makin' red diaper bbs. Jamie and Liza
admit they're only in it for the Bernie bro boyfriends.\n\nCheck out Doug Henwood
at and on his weekly radio show and podcast, \"Behind the News\": \nLiza Featherstone's new book, \"Divining
Desire: Focus Groups and the Culture of Consultation\" is available from OR Books: Check out Liza's
\"Asking for a Friend\" column at The Nation:
\n\n\nFollow the AF crew on Twitter: \n\n\n\n\n#Antifada\n#LeftIsBest"
source: youtube
channel: theantifada
publishdate: "2018-07-31T08:09:09.000Z"
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id: 1a9-6n3tH5c
title: Episode Eleven - The Left's Identity Crisis w Justin Charles
description: "Help support the show, access premium content, and join the Antifada
community for as little as $2 a month at\n\n\nIn
part one of a monster episode, we sit down with Justin Charles of North Brooklyn
DSA and the AfroSocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus. \nSean is scarred by
a perilous bus journey. \nRachel Maddow and the libs freak out about potential peace
(oh no!) on the Korean Peninsula. \nDemocrats 'Russia Russia Russia' themselves
into becoming the NatSec party. Who cares if 81% of South Koreans want an end to
the war? (Not the lamestream media!) \nSuper deep dive: where does 'identity politics'
come from? Does the left foster conflict between racial groups as per weeping moron
Jordan Peterson, or is 'race' a historically constructed category with no basis
in biology? \nJamie explains the Marxist concept of 'real abstraction'. \nJustin
on how the term 'identity politics' was created by the black, lesbian Marxists of
the Combahee River Collective in 1977. \nThe gang then traces — with help from Adolph
Reed and the Fields sisters — how this radical conception was watered down into
neoliberal diversity capitalism. How does the left avoid 'bad' idpol? \nWhat structures
should socialist organizations put in place to ensure that racialized and gendered
domination is not reproduced within our movement? Is the AfroSocialist and Socialists
of Color Caucus a bourgeois radlib beachhead destined to undermine the Democratic
Socialists of America? (Spoiler alert: nah.) \n\nPart two will further the conversation
by addressing critiques of the caucus before it degenerates into dragging on Elon
Musk's utopian anarchist turn. Become a patron starting at just $2/month at
\n\nReed articles referenced:\n
\n\nIntro: original theme by Jamie Ingalls\n\nFollow the AF crew on Twitter: \n\n\n"
source: youtube
channel: theantifada
publishdate: "2018-07-31T08:09:09.000Z"
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id: 2JK4pB7H-cc
title: 'Ep 40: Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism w/ Kim Stanley Robinson'
description: |-
Are you a nerd like us? Do you read stories about robots and space, while also pondering a socialist future? Well, do we have an interview for you...
Fellow science fiction fanatic Will Menaker (Chapo Traphouse) joins Sean and Jamie for an extended discussion with one of our favorite utopian futurists, Kim Stanley Robinson. Come for the revolutionary potentialities of the post-capitalist imaginary and stay for the psychedelic polyamory!
Outro - Hawkwind: Space is Deep
@willmenaker (still buy the book:
KSR's official website:
Suggested reading: EVERYTHING but especially the Mars Trilogy
KSR in Commune Mag:
Support the show at to access bonus content and our discord community
source: youtube
channel: theantifada
publishdate: "2019-04-18T07:18:30.000Z"
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id: 38vVLhX9ItE
title: 'History is a Weapon #4 w/ Matt Christman: Pivotal Decade (1970s)'
description: "(This is a PREVIEW of our two part, 3 hr+ histomatraveganza about the
'70s. Full episode available for patrons here:\n\n\nPatrons
get access to our discord community and all our bonus material, including History
is a Weapon, Jamie and Leslie Lee III's Vampire Castle, and Andy's Proletkult. Thank
you for your support!)\n\nThe boys are back! This History Is A Weapon is so massive
(and inebriated) that we had to break it into two parts. \n\nIn this installment,
Matt and Sean shoot a little shit about the radical geography of Europe before we
plunge into the pool of disco and despair that was the 1970s: how the global crisis
upended the 'Golden Age' of American capitalism, how Richard Nixon rode a wave of
aggrievement to become the voice of a 'silent majority' in backlash, and how the
uneasy alliance between organized labor and the Democratic Party began to fracture
as stagflation undermined the post-war compromise.\n\nPart II, another goddamn hour-and-a-half
of historical goodness, will drop later this week to complete the story of how this
thing called neoliberalism came to dominance, how it, too, is now crumbling, and
how we might dialectically overcome the limitations of working class self-organization
evident in previous cycles of struggle."
source: youtube
channel: theantifada
publishdate: "2019-06-09T16:31:49.000Z"
@@ -0,0 +1,18 @@
id: 4DMMH6Wrbp4
title: Episode Five - Antisocial Democracy w Asher Dupuy Spencer
description: "Help support the show, access premium content, and join the Antifada
community for as little as $2 a month at\n\n\nIn
the most cerebral episode yet of The Antifada, Jamie and Sean welcome old friend
Asher Dupuy-Spencer of Verso Books into the studio. \nThe gang talks about Jamie's
near death experience at a nazi swimming hole in New Hampshire. \nWe celebrate the
memory of all-around feminist icon and totally-not ruling class monster-person Barbara
Bush... leading Jamie to use the strongest genital-related epithet in the English
language. \nAsher presents two articles by Vivek Chibber and Charlie Post that debate
the tactics, strategies and horizons of radical struggle. \nOh yeah, and the Antifada
reveals it's modest proposal for a kinder, gentler gulag. \n\nArticles: \n
\n\nMusical interlude: This is My Fist! - \"Voice from Occupationland\" \n\n\nFollow
the AF crew on Twitter: \n\n\n"
source: youtube
channel: theantifada
publishdate: "2018-07-31T05:38:45.000Z"
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
id: BmsDT4QzwWg
title: Episode Two - Bari Weiss, Campus SJWs, & The Free Exchange Of Ideas
description: "Help support the show, access premium content, and join the Antifada
community for as little as $2 a month at\n\n\nEverybody
knows that legendary soul singer Barry White and Zionist writer Bari Weiss are not
the same person. What this episode presupposes is, maybe they are? \nJamie, Sean
and Matt sit down with Niral Shah, DSA member and managing editor of Blunderbuss
Magazine, to talk hasbara hack Bari Weiss, no platforming, and the collapse of respectable
centrist discourse.\n\nFollow the AF crew on Twitter: \n\n\n"
source: youtube
channel: theantifada
publishdate: "2018-07-31T05:50:46.000Z"
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
id: CtMJuONe62M
title: '*BONUS PREVIEW* -- All About ''Us'' w/ Leslie Lee III'
description: |-
Massive spoiler alert on this one, baby! @leslieleeiii of your favorite leftist culture podcast @strugglesesh joins the crew (in studio!) to talk about Jordan Peele's sophomore offering, the blockbuster social-critique/horror film 'Us'.
Sean, Jamie and Andy offer their weird opinions on the deeper meaning of the film... then Leslie, as always, schools everyone with his vast cinematic knowledge. Fun and talking shit on Breitbart happens along the way!
To access this and other bonuses, along with our Discord server and other goodies, become a patron at
If you're foolish enough to not be a patron of Struggle Session, atone for your sins at
source: youtube
channel: theantifada
publishdate: "2019-04-12T11:45:00.000Z"
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id: FjCVEbxQa8g
title: 'History is a Weapon #3 w/ Matt Christman - Camp of the Saints'
description: |-
Once more into the breach! Matt Christman of Chapo Trap House joins Sean KB again to make history all the more weapony. In this episode, we discuss the 'controversial' French 'novel' that is 'just asking questions' about the Migrant Invasion and the Great Replacement
How did a 1970s book by some grenouille asshole named Jean Raspail become a prophetic lodestar for an ascendant white nationalist movement? How does a historical materialist analysis help us understand why dickheads like Steve Bannon and Marine Le Pen are lauding this novel 50 years later? Ultimately, we ask wtf is up with French politics/development that they could vomit up filth so enduring as to still be 'relevant' in 2019?
We read it so you don't have to...
For all episodes of History is a Weapon, Antifada, and Proletkult, become a subscriber at
More HIAW:
History is a Weapon #1 on Historical Materialism:
History is a Weapon #2 with Matt Christman on why the US doesn't have a labor party
History is a Weapon #4 w/ Matt Christman: the '70s
source: youtube
channel: theantifada
publishdate: "2019-06-24T14:53:18.000Z"
@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
id: GtzEJqpzZ74
title: 'Ep 51: The Housing Monster w/ Samuel Stein'
description: |-
Samuel Stein, author of 'Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State' from Verso Books, comes on the pod to explain why neoliberalism will have us all living in pods if we don't do something about the global housing crisis.
We discuss the rise of the FIRE sector. We demystify the concept of gentrification. We isolate the fundamental contradictions of housing as a commodity. We unpack the ways in which even the most well-meaning progressive politicians and planners are utterly constrained by the system itself.
And, as is our want, we take a profound plunge into how workers have organized for the right to housing in the past and how we might ultimately fight to slay the housing monster.
Bonus on housing horror stories and other ephemera with Sam later this week! Become a at patron at
Follow Samuel Stein: @SamuelBStein
Read his great takedown of Hudson Yards:
Buy the concise and fantastic 'Capital City' - part of the Jacobin Series from Verso:
source: youtube
channel: theantifada
publishdate: "2019-05-16T00:52:44.000Z"
@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
id: ISVxi9PBj70
title: Episode Twelve - The U S Left & the Future of Capitalism w Revolutionary Left
description: "Help support the show, access premium content, and join the Antifada
community for as little as $2 a month at\n\n\nBrett
from Revolutionary Left Radio and The Guillotine joins The Antifada in a special
collaborative episode to discuss the current state of the US left and the future
of global capitalism! We had a blast talking with our new friend and comrade. \n\nIf
you dig the unabashedly anti-capitalist Antifada, you'll be sure to enjoy Brett's
open-minded (but critical and uncompromising) discussions on politics, economics
and culture. \nWe hope this is the first of two, three, many cooperative endeavors
with RevLeft! You can support Brett's work at \n
\nand follow him on Twitter: \n \n\nIntro:
original theme by Jamie Ingalls\n\nFollow the AF crew on Twitter: \n\n\n"
source: youtube
channel: theantifada
publishdate: "2018-07-31T08:09:09.000Z"
@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
id: J-IgsPjnigw
title: Episode Ten - Kill All Norms
description: "Help support the show, access premium content, and join the Antifada
community for as little as $2 a month at\n\n\nThe
AF crew takes on Jonathan Chait's recent word turd: the things he's wrong about
re: \"the radical left,\" as well as the things he's right about but which are actually
fine. \nWe discuss the latest labor uprisings in France and the ridiculous choice
of Nazi lady vs. neoliberal POS...which leads to a spirited game of \"fuck, marry,
kill\" complete with Justin Trudeau conspiracy theory. \nFinally we talk about the
Dead Kennedys and Jello Biafra for some reason. \n\nSorry for the poor sound quality
and delayed release schedule. We were planning to add onto the episode but our new
set-up sounds more DIY than we'd like it to, so...yeah. \n\nRead Jamie's piece on
the French election at Paste Magazine:\n
\n\nIntro: original theme by Jamie Ingalls\n\nFollow the AF crew on Twitter: \n\n\n"
source: youtube
channel: theantifada
publishdate: "2018-07-31T08:09:09.000Z"

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