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title: Hardcore Lime
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channel: hardcorelime
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name: Hardcore Lime
permalink: hardcorelime
name: Hardcore Lime
slug: UCsuMnykIZqsTJn3aS4bGyLA
description: ""
subscribers: 277
slug: hardcorelime
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id: C7hQQhKxaL8
title: 'ALL of the Minor Parties Running for the Australian Senate in 2019 (Part 1:
Centrists and Leftists)'
description: "Part one of a three part series analysing and joking about the many
minor parties vying for a senate seat in next week's election.\n\nLooking for a
way to support the show? \nPatreon: \nPaypal:\n\nMusic from: The Passion HiFi - Hip Hop Instrumentals
Vol I.\n\nTwitter: \nAMA on Curious Cat:\n\nPOLICY
PAGES:\nThe Centre Alliance:\nSustainable
Australia: \nWestern Austral Party: \n\nThe Australian Workers Party: \nThe secular Party of Australia: \nThe Together Party:
\nThe Pirate Party: \nSocialist Alliance:
\nSocialist Equality Party:
- NOTE: It has been pointed out to me that the SEP is anti-unionist and pro-accelerationist
\ (source:"
source: youtube
channel: hardcorelime
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id: ZFBilhX_QyQ
title: 'Curious Cases in Adaptation: Into the Spider-Verse'
description: "A video essay by Michael Roder\n\nThe second installment in my series
that analyses weirder cases in literary adaptation.\n\nLooking for a way to support
the show? \nPatreon: \nPaypal:\n\nMusic
by Shtinky: \nSoundcloud: \nSpotify:\n\nTwitter: \nAMA on Curious Cat:"
source: youtube
channel: hardcorelime
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id: kPyC2rExRDc
title: About Last Night... (Australian Election Reaction)
description: |-
Looking for a way to support the show?
AMA on Curious Cat:
#auspol, #australiavotes
source: youtube
channel: hardcorelime
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id: rDL0V6mYlVY
title: The Unstable History of the Modern Australian Prime Minister
description: "TWITTER: \nINSTAGRAM:
Essay by Michael Roder.\n\n\nAUSTRALIAN POLITICAL LEXICON:\n\nPM: Prime Minister.
Head of Australia’s government.\n\nMP: Member of Parliament\n\nLabor: The major
‘centre-left’ party of our two-party system. In power in Australia from 2007-2013.\n\nLiberal:
The major ‘centre-right’ party of our two-party system. In power in Australia from
2013-present.\n\nThe Coalition: The partnership between the Liberal party and the
smaller National party. Term is often used interchangeably with ‘Liberal.’\n\nThe
Opposition: Whichever party is not in government.\n\nGovernor-General: The Queen’s
representative in Australia. The official head of government, signs bills into law.
Power is mostly symbolic.\n\nThe Dismissal: Colloquial name for the 1975 constitutional
crisis, where the Governor-General dismissed the sitting Prime Minister and dissolved
Parliament. Seen as a wide overreach of his powers. \n\nStolen Generation: Term
used to refer to indigenous Australian children who were taken from their parents
by the Australian government to be raised by white Australians, often in Christian
missions. Took place between 1905 and the mid 1970s. \n\nMining Boom: Colloquial
term for the largest resources rush in Australian history since the gold rush in
the 1800s. Took place in the mid-2000s. Soaring prices of coal and iron ore in particular
helped push demand for mining in Australia.\n\nHome Insulation Scheme: Part of Rudd’s
stimulus package The government offered sizable rebates for homeowners to install
better insulation in their homes. Many young workers were hired to help with installation,
without getting proper safety training. Four of these workers died on jobs in four
months.\n\nDouble Dissolution: a mechanism in the Australian constitution which
allows the Prime Minister to dissolve parliament after the senate rejects a bill
twice in the same form. After the election, the rejected bill is introduced in a
special joint-sitting of parliament, where each member from both houses votes.\n\nGST:
The ‘Goods and Services Tax.’ A value added 10% tax on most goods and services purchased
in Australia. Passed by the Howard Government in 2000.\n\nPeter Dutton and Scott
Morrison as human rights abusers: Both Dutton and Morrison have served as foreign
ministers for Coalition governments. Australia’s treatment of refugees (Under both
Liberal AND Labor governments) has come under intense scrutiny from the UN Human
Rights Council.\n\nFor more info: []
\n\nThe Killing Season: Link to the first episode: []"
source: youtube
channel: hardcorelime
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id: u-o6CwdRHgM
title: How the Far Right Blogosphere Ignores Facts to Create Academic Boogeymen
description: "A video essay on the phenomenon of niche academic research becoming
a tool for far-right outrage. Specifically focusing on the reaction to the article
'The spicy spectacular: food, gender, and celebrity on Hot Ones' []\n\nContois'
second article:\n\nOther
sources:\nGaldas, P et al ‘Men and health help‐seeking behaviour: literature review’: \n\nJaworska,
S and Ryan, K ‘Gender and the language of pain in chronic and terminal illness:
A corpus-based discourse analysis of patients' narratives’:
\ \n\nKeogh, E 'Men, masculinity and pain':
\ \n\nPaulson M, et al: ‘Nurses’ and physicians’ narratives about long‐term non‐malignant
pain among men’: \n\nTimpf, K ‘Professor:
Wings-Eating Show Hot Ones Is Problematic for Women’:
\ \n\n \nTwitter: @hardcorelime"
source: youtube
channel: hardcorelime
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id: x0YvJWwx7fE
title: JK Rowling and the Death of the Author
description: |-
A video essay on JK Rowling and the Death of the Author.
By Michael Roder
Twitter: @hardcorelime
source: youtube
channel: hardcorelime
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id: zngm2KqLhbk
title: The Convenient Narrative of Mikhaila and Jordan Peterson's All-Beef Diet
description: "A video essay on Mikhaila and Jordan Peterson's all-beef diet.\nTwitter:
@hardcorelime\n\n\nRecommended links:\n\nHappy Healthy Vegan, 'Doctor Ate Only Meat
For 1 Year: Ghastly Blood Tests Revealed':\n\nMic
The Vegan. 'All Meat Dieter's Blood Test Results\n':\n\n\nWORKS
CITED:\n\n\"Antidepressants for Children and Teens.\" Mayo Clinic. Mayo Foundation
for Medical Education and Research, 27 May 2016. Web. 24 Nov. 2018. (\n\nCaring
for Kids. \"Using SSRIs to Treat Depression and Anxiety in Children and Youth.\"
Caring for Kids: Information for Parents from Canada's Pediatricians. N.p., n.d.
Web. 24 Nov. 2018. (\n\nGabbatt,
Adam. \"My Carnivore Diet: What I Learned from Eating Only Beef, Salt and Water.\"
The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 11 Sept. 2018. Web. (\n\nGallup,
Inc. \"In U.S., 5% Consider Themselves Vegetarians.\" N.p., 26 July
2012. Web. (\n\nGallup,
Inc. \"Snapshot: Few Americans Vegetarian or Vegan.\" N.p., 01 Aug.
2018. Web. (\n\nHall,
Gregory, and Robert Kappel. \"Gender, Alcohol, and the Media: The Portrayal of Men
and Women in Alcohol Commercials.\" The Sociological Quarterly 59.4 (2018): 571-83.\n\nHamblin,
James. \"The Jordan Peterson All-Meat Diet.\" The Atlantic. N.p., 28 Aug. 2018.
Web. (\n\nHensley,
Laura. \"Q&A: Mikhaila Peterson, Daughter of Jordan Peterson, on Her All-beef Diet
and Her Dad's Overnight Fame.\" Toronto Life. N.p., 10 Aug. 2018. Web. (\n\nLarsson,
S. C., and N. Orsini. \"Red Meat and Processed Meat Consumption and All-Cause Mortality:
A Meta-Analysis.\" American Journal of Epidemiology 179.3 (2014): 282-89. \n\nLemle,
Russell, and Marc E. Mishkind. \"Alcohol and Masculinity.\" Journal of Substance
Abuse Treatment 6 (1989): 213-22.\n\nLyons, Antonia C., and Sara A. Willott. \"Alcohol
Consumption, Gender Identities and Women’s Changing Social Positions.\" Sex Roles
59.9-10 (2008): 694-712. \n\nMcDougall, Dr. \"Extreme Nutrition: The Diet of Eskimos.\"
Dr McDougall's Health & Medical Center. N.p., Apr. 2015. Web. (\n\nMessner,
Michael A., and Jeffrey Montez De Oca. \"The Male Consumer as Loser: Beer and Liquor
Ads in Mega Sports Media Events.\" Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
30.3 (2005): 1879-909. \n\nPeterson, Jordan. \"On the New York Times and \"Enforced
Monogamy\".\" Jordan Peterson. N.p., 08 June 2018. (\n\nPeterson,
Mikhaila. \"Alcohol.\" Don't Eat That. N.p., 28 Nov. 2017. Web. (\n\nPeterson,
Mikhaila. \"Recreational Drugs and Alcohol and Food Sensitivities.\" Don't Eat That.
N.p., 22 Aug. 2018. Web. (\n\nRousseau,
Signe. \"The Celebrity Quick-Fix.\" Food, Culture & Society 18.2 (2015): 265-87.
\n\nRuby, Matthew B., and Steven J. Heine. \"Meat, Morals, and Masculinity.\" Appetite
56.2 (2011): 447-50. \n\nSanneh, Kelefa. \"Jordan Peterson's Gospel of Masculinity.\"
The New Yorker. N.p., 31 May 2018. Web. (\n\nStrickland,
Donald E., and T. Andrew Finn. \"Targeting of Magazine Alcohol Beverage Advertisements.\"
Journal of Drug Issues 14.3 (1984): 449-67. \n\n\"University of Toronto.\" Top Universities.
N.p., 20 Nov. 2018. Web. (\n\nWilson,
Thomas M. Drinking Cultures: Alcohol and Identity. Oxford: Berg, 2005. \n\n\"World
Cancer Research Fund Response to the Latest Evidence on Meat & Cancer Risk.\" World
Cancer Research Fund. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Nov. 2018. ("
source: youtube
channel: hardcorelime
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