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Github Settings (#249)

* Github Settings

* Update settings.yml

Removed labels definition
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dirkkelly committed May 2, 2019
1 parent eb5fc0d commit 478ec9154460bdfd1812772e71ac2c0281921065
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@@ -0,0 +1,94 @@
# See for all available settings.

# The name of the repository. Changing this will rename the repository
name: breadtubetv
# A short description of the repository that will show up on GitHub
description: Quality content going against the prevailing winds of the internet.
# A URL with more information about the repository
# Either `true` to make the repository private, or `false` to make it public.
private: false
# Either `true` to enable issues for this repository, `false` to disable them.
has_issues: true
# Either `true` to enable the wiki for this repository, `false` to disable it.
has_wiki: true
# Either `true` to enable downloads for this repository, `false` to disable them.
has_downloads: true
# Updates the default branch for this repository.
default_branch: master
# Either `true` to allow squash-merging pull requests, or `false` to prevent
# squash-merging.
allow_squash_merge: true
# Either `true` to allow merging pull requests with a merge commit, or `false`
# to prevent merging pull requests with merge commits.
allow_merge_commit: true
# Either `true` to allow rebase-merging pull requests, or `false` to prevent
# rebase-merging.
allow_rebase_merge: true

# TODO Labels: define labels for Issues and Pull Requests

# Collaborators: give specific users access to this repository.
# Note: Only valid on organization-owned repositories.
# The permission to grant the collaborator. Can be one of:
# * `pull` - can pull, but not push to or administer this repository.
# * `push` - can pull and push, but not administer this repository.
# * `admin` - can pull, push and administer this repository.
- username: craiglonsdale
permission: admin
- username: dirkkelly
permission: admin
- username: j16r
permission: admin
- username: jaymickey
permission: admin
- username: jordanmaguire
permission: push
- username: murodese
permission: push
- username: ozzyaaron
permission: push
- username: pkunkypoos
permission: push
- username: selwun
permission: push
- username: soliveira-vouga
permission: push
- username: stjn
permission: push
- username: stephaniewillhide
permission: push
- username: thursenfuerst
permission: push

- name: master
# Branch Protection settings. Set to null to disable
# Required. Require at least one approving review on a pull request, before merging. Set to null to disable.
# The number of approvals required. (1-6)
required_approving_review_count: 1
# Dismiss approved reviews automatically when a new commit is pushed.
dismiss_stale_reviews: false
# Blocks merge until code owners have reviewed.
require_code_owner_reviews: true
# Specify which users and teams can dismiss pull request reviews. Pass an empty dismissal_restrictions object to disable. User and team dismissal_restrictions are only available for organization-owned repositories. Omit this parameter for personal repositories.
users: []
teams: []
# Required. Require status checks to pass before merging. Set to null to disable
# Required. Require branches to be up to date before merging.
strict: true
# Required. The list of status checks to require in order to merge into this branch
contexts: []
# Required. Enforce all configured restrictions for administrators. Set to true to enforce required status checks for repository administrators. Set to null to disable.
enforce_admins: true
# Required. Restrict who can push to this branch. Team and user restrictions are only available for organization-owned repositories. Set to null to disable.
users: []
teams: []

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