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Homepage Redesign

Updated Apr 16, 2019

We'd like the homepage to be helpful, fast, and friendly

Submission Forms

Updated Mar 18, 2019

End Users need to be able to simply suggest data changes, from additions, to edits and deletions.

This can be handled with the Netlify forms feature, just sending an email at first to developers will be enough.

Import Scripts

Updated May 17, 2019

Currently it's not easy to add a new Video or Channel, it relies on following syntax and arbitrary ordering.

Additional context

  • The data format can be toml json or yml
  • It would be best if this were a compiled binary with code under src/
  • It would be best if the code were written in Go
    • We can then all learn Go
    • We keep the language consistent with the framework
    • Very easy to make bins
    • YouTube Library exists
  • @dirkkelly is happy to sponsor the API costs and provide keys


Updated Feb 15, 2019

Help BreadTubers find great content!


Updated Apr 26, 2019

Initial Launch of the website

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