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Shivangi Gandhi
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ƀ breadwallet for Android

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bitcoin done right

This is the Android port of the breadwallet iOS app, which can be found here.

a completely standalone bitcoin wallet

Unlike many other bitcoin wallets, breadwallet is a real standalone bitcoin client. There is no server to get hacked or go down, so you can always access your money. Using SPV mode, breadwallet connects directly to the bitcoin network with the fast performance you need on a mobile device.

the next step in wallet security

breadwallet is designed to protect you from malware, browser security holes, even physical theft. With AES hardware encryption, app sandboxing, and verified boot, breadwallet represents a significant security advance over web and desktop wallets.

beautiful simplicity

Simplicity is breadwallet's core design principle. A simple backup phrase is all you need to restore your wallet on another device if yours is ever lost or broken. Because breadwallet is deterministic, your balance and transaction history can be recovered from just your backup phrase.


How to set up the development environment

  1. Download and install Java 7 or up
  2. Download and Install the latest Android studio
  3. Download and install the latest NDK or download it in android studio by "choosing the NDK" and press "download"
  4. Go to and clone or download the project
  5. Open the project with Android Studio and let the project sync
  6. Go to SDK Manager and download all the SDK Platforms and SDK Tools
  7. Initialize the submodules - git submodule init
  8. Update the submodules - git submodule update
  9. Build -> Rebuild Project