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product clarion logo

A CSS and Design System Framework for well crafted applications.

Check out the official Documentation here:


Install Node.js, if you don't already have it installed.

In your terminal or command prompt type:

npm install -g clarion
- or -
yarn global add clarion

Start a New Project

clarion new

Answer a few questions about you would like to configure your project and it will be scaffolded out for you.

Your dependencies will also automatically be installed!

Run Your New Project

After your dependencies are installed you can run your project.

cd ProjectName
npm run dev

About Your New Project

The default project is configured with SASS using the .scss syntax and webpack as the compiler and module manager.

The project architecture implements the Clarion Style Architecture.

|  |--sass/
|  |  |--00_Abstracts/     # Variables, Functions, Mixins, and Placeholders
|  |  |
|  |  |--01_Base/          # Resets/Normalize, Typography Rules, Etc.
|  |  |  |--index.scss     # Manifest File
|  |  |
|  |  |--02_Vendors/       # Style sheets provided by a third party such as themes or plug-ins
|  |  |  |--index.scss     # Manifest File
|  |  |
|  |  |--03_Elements/      # Styles for HTML tags, such as a form label, an input or a button
|  |  |  |--index.scss     # Manifest File
|  |  |
|  |  |--04_Components/    # Cards, Carousels, and Navbars
|  |  |  |--index.scss     # Manifest File
|  |  |  
|  |  |--05_Layouts/       # Grid System, Header, Footer, and Sidebars
|  |  |  |--index.scss     # Manifest File
|  |  |
|  |  |--06_Pages/         # Page specific styles
|  |  |  |--index.scss     # Manifest File
|  |  |
|  |  |--07_Utilities/     # Utilities and Helper Classes
|  |  |  |--index.scss     # Manifest File
|  |  |
|  |  |--styles.scss/      # Main Sass Manifest
|  |
|  |--scripts/
|     |--components/       # Component-Specific Scripts
|     |--services/         # Reusable Functionality
|     |--main.js

Adding a New File

Additional style files can easily be manged through the CLI as well.


clarion add <directory> <file name>


clarion add element headings

This will create the file _headings.scss in the 03_Elements directory as well as add "@import '_headings.scss'" import statement to the directory manifest file so it can be included in your final CSS file.

Removing a File

Similar to adding a file, removing files can also be done through the CLI.


clarion remove <directory> <file name>


clarion remove element headings

This will remove the file _headings.scss in the 03_Elements directory as well as remove "@import '_headings.scss'" import statement from the directory manifest file.

Building Your Project

To build your application for final use, run the build command.

npm run build

The final compiled JavaScript and CSS file are in build directory in the root of your project.


These are options you can run when initializing you project.

Project Content

Option Description
Starter Project generate the style architecture, the style framework, as well as any task runners/bundlers and optimizers needed to begin developing a web application.
Styles Only generate the style architecture only (great for integrating into frameworks)
Architecture Only generate a the style architecture without any of the start-up files

Style Format

Option Description
SCSS files are in .scss format
SASS files are in .sass format
LESS files are in .less format

Task Runners and Bundlers

Option Description
Webpack configure project for WebPack bundler
Parcel configure project for Parcel bundler
Gulp configure project for Gulp task runner
Grunt configure project for Grunt task runner


3.8.4 - Fix color palette.

3.8.3 - Updated pipeline config files to handle 'less' and 'sass' configurations better.

3.8.1 - Fix Grunt build

3.8.0 - Miscellaneous bug fixes and added mixins such as: z-index mixin, updated default color pallet for accessibility, $content-width variable, font families variables are now a map and use the font mixin, media queries now use rems instead of pxs, and spacing mixins now follow standard CSS patterns.

3.7.1 - Fixed bug in Pow function for some bundlers/task runners for decimals.

3.7.0 - Added display mixins - full-width, full-height, full-screen, and screen-reader-only

3.6.0 - Added important parameter on mixins

3.5.1 - Updated spacing variable to be more inline with naming convention

3.5.0 - Add border mixin

3.4.0 - Fix padding and margin mixin parameter order

3.4.0 - Fix directory creation logic

3.2.2 - Fix CleanWebpackPlugin error for WebPack projects.

3.2.1 - Fix color functions to handle "black" and "white" values

3.2.0 - Streamlined new project setup.

3.1.0 - Updated variables, added new color contrast logic, and fixed SASS file references.

3.0.2 - Fixed file reference error in SCSS.

3.0.1 - Added additional border radius mixins and fixed some error messages.

3.0.0 - Added style framework for SASS and SCSS.

2.1.0 - Added a default configuration option and some bug fixes.

2.0.1 - Updated documentation.

2.0.0 - Added new CLI interface.

1.1.2 - Fixed hot reloading for Webpack.

1.1.1 - Added ability to add new Directories via the CLI.

1.0.3 - Replaced failing 'extract-text-webpack-plugin' with 'mini-css-extract-plugin' for Webpack 4.

1.0.1 - Fixed an type-o in the Grunt project.

1.0.0 - Final testing and added documentation via markdown files in each directory.

0.9.2 - Fixed bugs in SASS projects.

0.9.1 - Fixed Webpack build error.

0.9.0 - Refactored to use a better templating system and added unit tests.

0.8.7 - Updated documentation to include new site URL and install instructions.

0.8.6 - Temporarily removed "extract-text-webpack-plugin" as it is currently incompatible with Webpack v4.

0.8.5 - Updated Webpack project for changes in version 4.

0.8.1 - Added option for Parcel project creation.

0.7.1 - Added missing dependency for Gulp project.

0.7.0 - Revised dependency management so the latest packages are always installed, added Grunt, and added 'pixrem' to postcss.

0.6.1 - Fixed error in gulpfile.js.

0.6.0 - Modified add feature to find any directory name rather than only those in the Clarion Style Architecture.

0.5.0 - Renamed 02_Themes to 02_Vendors.

0.4.1 - Added link to documentation site.


A simple CLI for scaffolding front-end projects using the Clarion Style Architecture.




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