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Docker build for mytinytodo 1.4.3
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Docker build for mytinytodo 1.4.3.

Uses stock 1.4.3 + one change to make the checkbox bigger on mobile.

Based on the ulsmith/alpine-apache-php7 image. Resulting image is about 150 MB, and uses 30 MB RAM in use.

Uses SQLite for storing data.


git clone

Note: On Windows hosts add --config core.autocrlf=input to the above git command to correct issues with line end formats.

docker build . --tag=mytinytodo

docker run --name mytinytodo -v db:/app/public/db -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -d --restart unless-stopped mytinytodo

Load to complete setup.

After setup is complete:

docker exec mytinytodo rm /app/public/setup.php


  • Script out database setup
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