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Rdoc template and generator for Ruby source code that uses javascript to make searching for methods and classes very easy.
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README for ajax-rdoc - the javascript enhanced rdoc template

This template creates a javascript enhanced rdoc (similar to what is on ).

== Installation

1) Get the files (pick your flavor)
		* tarball:
		* git: git clone git://
2) cd into the new ajax-rdoc directory

3) Install the generator and templates into your version of rdoc
		* RDOC=/usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/rdoc rake install
		* If you are using macports ruby you can just rake install
		(no need to use 'sudo rake install' sudo will be invoked if needed)

4) Switch over to the directory where you want to run this rdoc template and run the following command
  	* rdoc --fmt ajax

5) This should start the generator and you'll have your new rdoc template in no-time! It should be in a folder called "doc"

For a shortcut you might try adding this to your .bash_profile
>alias ajaxrdoc="rdoc --fmt ajax --exclude .*generator.* --exclude .*test.* --exclude .*spec.* --exclude .*pkg.*"

Thanks to:
Tien Dung ( for a neat title insertion hack. The title of your rails documentation is pulled from the directory name (with some humanizing). For example, standing in this directory /blah/ruby/rails-2.1.0 and running 'rdoc --fmt ajax' will create a title "Rails 2.1.0" for the generated documentation pages.

John Nunemaker ( for the addition of the installation rake task. Also, for the very nice QuickSilver search failover if an exact name match is not found. Very nice indeed!


Alternatively you can set this env var and run the documentation generator from anywhere (ie your home dir)

>export RUBYLIB=~/Usersbrian/rails/src/ajax-rdoc (for example)