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React Session Management

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Create and maintain persisten login sessions on the browser (even if the website is refreshed). Checkout the live demo.

Note: Extremely easy integration with React Router.


$ npm i --save bc-react-session


  1. Open a session by doing Session.login();:
import {Session} from 'bc-react-session';

	payload: {
	    // (optional) any info you want to save on the persisten session
	expiration: 86400000; // (optional) defaults to 1 day
  1. Close the session by doing Session.destroy();:
import {Session} from 'bc-react-session';

  1. Retrieve the session and payload from anywhere
import {Session} from 'bc-react-session';

const session = Session.get();
const { payload } = Session.get();

console.log(session.isValid); // will be true if is not expired or innactive
console.log(payload); // anything you have set on the session payload is stored here

That is it!!

Some other functionalities:

  1. Listen to session changes
// listen to session changes
const unsubscribe = Session.onChange((session) => {
  if(session.expired) console.log('The session has expired')
  if(session.autenticated) console.log('No one has logged in')
 //unsubscribe to session changes if needed
  1. Wait for session expiration callback
// you need to enforce before calling the login method.
Session.onExpiration((session) => session.destroy()); //you can destroy the session if it expires
  1. Change reset the session payload whenever you want
import {Session} from 'bc-react-session';

// pass a new username that will override previous one (if any)
    username: 'alesanchezr'
  1. Check session expiration
const session = Session.get();
console.log(session.expired); // boolean
  1. Make a Private Route using react router

The library brings a component called <PrivateRoute /> to make your routes private without any extra code.

import {PrivateRoute} from 'bc-react-session';

        <PrivateRoute exact path='/profile' component={PrivateLayout} />
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