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WebApp boilerplate with React and Cloud 9

Requirements: Make sure you are using node version 8

  • $ node -v to check which node version you are using
  • $ nvm use 8 to switch to using version 8
  • $ nvm install 8 to install version 8 if necessary
Clone this boilerplate
$ git clone
and install the npm package:
$ npm install

Start coding!

Start the webpack server with live reload:

  • $ npm run c9 for Cloud 9 Users.
  • $ npm run dev-server for windows, mac or linux.


You can update the styles/index.scss or js/index.js depending on your needs.


Add more files into your ./src/js/components or styles folder as you need them.

Views (Components)

Add more files into your ./src/js/views and import them in ./src/js/layout.jsx.


This boilerplate comes with a centralized general Context API. The file ./src/js/store/store.js has a base structure for the store, we encourage you to change it and adapt it to your needs.

React Context docs

The Context.Provider is already set, you can use the Context.Consumer to get the store and actions from the Context. Check /views/demo.jsx to see a demo.

Publish your website!

This boilerplate is 100% compatible with the free github pages hosting. To publish your website you need to push your code to your github repository and run the following command after:

$ npm run deploy

Note: You will need to configure github pages for the branch gh-pages

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