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Creating a Release

Export Application APK

  • Make sure you have the latest changes from Github
  • Update the version number in the Android Manifest
    • If it is a minor release, increment the least-significant number (#.#._)
    • If it is a major release, or we have had a number of minor releases, increment the second least-significant number (#._.0)
    • Once we have had a number of major releases, increment the most-significant number (_.0.0)
  • In Android Studio, under the Build menu, choose Generate Signed APK
  • On the next screen, choose "Use existing keystore" and change the Location to the location of the "WorthwhileGamesKey" file in Dropbox
    • Ask Brian if you don't already know the password
  • On the next screen, choose the Alias "worthwhilegames" and the password is the same as the previous step
  • Choose a location for the APK to be exported

Upload the APK to Google Play

  • Visit the Android Developer Console
  • Choose the Card Games application
  • Go to the APK files tab
  • Upload the new APK release
  • Make sure the release is "Active"
  • Update the "Recent Changes" section of the Product Details tab
  • Click "Publish"

Create a Tag in Github

We should create a tag in Git whenever we publish an update just so that we have a good history of what changes were introduced in which version

  • From the Terminal, navigate to the CardGames repository

  • From the CardGames repository folder, run the following command to create a tag

  • The name of the tag should follow the format "v#.#.#", where the '#' characters are replaced with the actual version from the Android Manifest

    git tag [name of tag]

  • The push the tag to Github

    git push --tags

Add the APK file to Dropbox

It is also a good idea to have a copy of the APK from each release, just in case.

  • Rename the APK uploaded to the Developer Console to CardGames_v#.#.#.apk, where the '#' characters are replaced with the actual version number
  • Move the renamed APK to the Releases directory in the Dropbox folder

External Libraries Used

  • JmDNS for the Android Multicast support


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