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Android App that displays images from popular picture sites
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Twitter Picture Viewer

Author: Brian Reber (

Background: Up until recently, the Twitter for Android app didn't have support for viewing images from popular image hosting sites such as Twitpic, YFrog, Plixi etc.  It was frustrating to click on a link to an image, and be brought to the web browser to view the image.  Oftentimes, the website it brought you to was not the mobile site, which only made the problem worse.  I wanted to be able to view the images in a native app, without having to go to the web browser.  In addition, I only wanted to see the image - the other information provided on the sites (like comments, pic views etc) was irrelevent.

Purpose: To be able to view tweeted pictures in a native image viewer on the Android platform

Support:  Currently, this app supports TwitPic, YFrog, Plixi, Lockerz, Twitgoo, and PicPlz images.  I will be adding support for other services as I run into the need for them.