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This is the repository of an angular2 course written by Brecht Billiet. You can check the course at The backend of this application is available on

make an account at the api and get an api key



git clone
cd winecellar
npm install
npm start --apikey=<> --backendenv=http://localhost:3000/api

Build for production

npm run build --apikey=<> --backendenv=http://localhost:3000/api

Deploy with surge

npm run deploy --apikey=<> --backendenv=http://localhost:3000/api

Technology stack

  • Angular2
  • Webpack
  • Typescript
  • Rxjs
  • @ngrx/store
  • redux architecture


  • Build an angular2 application with webpack
  • fully tested with Jasmine
  • sass support
  • Typescript support
  • ES6 modules support
  • Wallaby.js support
  • Optimized build package
  • Minimal and straightforward setup
  • Watches code and refreshes browser with latest changes automatically