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Mobile Church of Robotron
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air_puffer swizzle names
audio Add DAC sounds for reference
effects Detect extra player
etc Flyers added
flyers Flyers added
joysticks_as_joysticks Joysticks used for VR
joysticks_as_keyboard Add press release, add other joystick code
kneeler kneeler debouncing was effed, usb midi now
laser_driver modified laser test to cycle through lasers
leaderboard Detect extra player
mamehack Send udp broadcast packets now
pd actual pd patch and scripts used at church
window_8_ways split move 8-way and fire 8-way into separate projects
www Update index
zine Cleanup score gifs from repo
.gitignore Update gitignore
Data70EF.otf Marquee font Initial commit dump udp can coexist with other broadcast listeners
extra_life.wav Detect extra player New camera code
machine-setup.txt More machine setup ju ju Fix bug where starting a new game before entering initials would lose… Add dispatcher from Diode main altar Detect extra player Cleanup score gifs from repo Fix camera code, fix leaderboard


Mobile Church of Robotron

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