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Static site gen, my way.

Turns markdown + front matter + config + sass into a static site.

That static site can be published....

...and it's like all the other static gen frameworks, except apparently I hate them all and want to reinvent everything always because I'm probably stupid.

I'm using prepply to build

Maybe you could find it useful too.


  • a "live dev" server
  • flat pages
  • a paged blog
  • blog rss/atom feeds
  • blog tags
  • blog tags atom/rss feeds
  • support for audio playlists
  • support for fancybox galleries
  • assumes external assets, but supports in-site assets just in case

Seems to be reasonably fast (generates 1700+ files on my site in under 2.5s).

build usage

Builds the static site:

$ node prepply/prepply.js --indir ../site --outdir ../out \
    --clean --config ../site/config.yml

This will process the content in the site dir, turning markdown into html and copying over assets, resulting in a new out dir. Any exising out dir will be removed (the --clean option does this).

If your configuration file is correct, then you can use this npm shortcut:

$ npm run build

dev server usage

Runs a live-reload development server:

$ node dev-server.js --indir ../site --outdir ../out \
    --config ../site/config.yml --static ../site-assets

of if your configuration is correct, just do

$ npm run dev-server

config file

need to document this


  • changing content of a single blog screws paging, just redo them all(?)
  • dev server should generate blogs and everything on the first go...just no on successive.
  • sometimes file change can crash devserver? maybe it's read before write finishes?

such future

  • um, maybe I should write some tests at some point. :)
  • make themeing / skinning a little more straightforward
  • create tag pages for regular pages too
  • leverage sidebar etc
  • consider webpacking various js together for publish
  • support for rdf, like in album pages (do people still care about rdf?)