Preliminary documentation for tooling that allows the creation of custom generators for the Elm compiler.
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Elm Make Generator

Leverage the Elm compiler to generate custom markups from an Elm program. This doesn't have a practical use-case right now, as such, but is rather intended as a pedagogical resource. The original idea behind this was that you could 'compile' the Elm architecture into programs written with different frameworks in the JS ecosystem, for example, a React-Redux program. Generators would also be useful to compile Elm programs into languages that run on platforms other than the browser, for example natively on iOS through Objective C, on on Android through Java.

Note that these are preliminary notes. I have not yet managed to create a generator, but am rather keeping this repository as a reference to the research I have done so far. Please feel free to submit PRs if you have ideas or insight. All information is kept in prelim-docs.