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Learn how to write and read PHP logs on AWS Lambda using Bref.

As explained in the storage documentation, the filesystem on AWS Lambda is:

  • read-only, except for /tmp
  • not shared between lambda instances
  • not persistent

Because of that application logs should not be stored on disk.


The simplest solution is to push logs to AWS CloudWatch, AWS' service for logs.

Writing logs

To send logs to CloudWatch:

  • in a PHP function: write logs to stdout (using echo for example) or stderr
  • in a HTTP: write logs to stderr

For example with Monolog:

$log = new Logger('name');
$log->pushHandler(new StreamHandler('php://stderr', Logger::WARNING));

$log->warning('This is a warning!');

Reading logs

To read logs, either open the CloudWatch console or use SAM in the CLI:

sam logs --name <function-name>

# Tail logs:
sam logs --name <function-name> --tail

Advanced use cases

If you have more specific needs you can send logs to other services, for example Logstash, Papertrail, or Loggly.

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