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Extra PHP extensions usable in AWS Lambda with the Bref PHP runtimes.
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Bref Extra PHP Extension

This repository has some AWS Lambda layers with PHP extensions. This is useful when you want something "off the shelf". If you ever need more than 2-3 layer you should consider creating your own layer. That is because AWS has a limit of 5 layers per Lambda.

We are happy to get contributions for other extensions. Sky is the limit! (And also your knowledge with Docker...)

Install and configure

composer require bref/extra-php-extensions
# serverless.yml
service: app

    name: aws
    region: us-east-1
    runtime: provided

    - ./vendor/bref/bref
    - ./vendor/bref/extra-php-extensions # <----- Add the extra Serverless plugin

        handler: bin/console
            - ${bref:layer.php-74} 
            - ${bref:extra.amqp-php-74} # <----- Example for AMQP layer
            - ${bref:layer.console}

Available layers

Name Serverless config (php 7.4) php.ini config
AMQP ${bref:extra.amqp-php-74} extension=/opt/bref-extra/
Blackfire ${bref:extra.blackfire-php-74} extension=/opt/bref-extra/
GMP ${bref:extra.gmp-php-74} extension=/opt/bref-extra/
Memcache ${bref:extra.memcached-php-74} extension=/opt/bref-extra/
Memcached ${bref:extra.memcached-php-74} extension=/opt/bref-extra/
PostgreSQL ${bref:extra.pgsql-php-74} extension=/opt/bref-extra/
Xdebug ${bref:extra.xdebug-php-74} zend_extension=/opt/bref-extra/

Note that the "Memcached" layer provides both extension for Memcache and Memcached.

Blackfire installation

The Blackfire layer only have probe installed. You still need to install the agent. The agent is installed on a separate server (not a lambda function). The smallest EC2 instance is sufficient to run the Blackfire agent.

Create a blackfire.ini file for your lambda function where you load the extension and modify the agent_socket.


blackfire.agent_socket = tcp://
blackfire.agent_timeout = 0.25

Then modify your agent config to make sure you are listening to tcp://

This blog post could be helpful as it describes how to install the Blackfire Agent.

For contributors and maintainers

Creating a new layer

The idea is to start from bref/build-php-XX, install all libraries and extensions you want, then move all related files to /opt. Those files will be available in the same same location on the Lambda.

Note that one can't just move files/libraries around. Most of them are expected to be in their "standard" location.

  1. Create a new folder in layers and name it to your extension name.
  2. Add your Dockerfile
  3. Update .travis.yml to include your extension
  4. Update the table in the readme

Deploy new versions

make publish
git add checksums.json layers.json
git commit -m "New version of layers"
git push
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