This is a set of plugins for Webpack for post-build i18n of Closure Templates
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(NOTE: this project is new and experimental -- it may still be rather buggy)

This is a set of two Webpack plugins for translating Closure Templates in a "post-build" fashion. After Webpack has already built asset bundles, but before it has emitted them, the i18n plugin translates all MSG_EXTERNAL_(\d+) definitions found in the bundles into locale-specific output.

Fast Closure Translater is used to perform the actual work of translation.

This is intended as a fast alternative to the multi-compiler approach to translation shown in While that approach works nicely for projects of many sizes, it becomes slow in projects with very large dependency trees or a large number of translations, as it forces Webpack to handle a dependency tree with size matching NUMBER_OF_DEPENDENCIES * NUMBER_OF_TRANSLATIONS.


This plugin handles the actual translation. See i18n-plugin.js for documentation on usage.


This plugin handles generating a JSON file mapping bundle names to locale-specific bundle paths. See assets-plugin.js for documentation.