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# monkey-and-banana
This project contains some variations on the classic [Monkey and Banana
problem]( I
have based my solution on the text and sample provided on pg 46 of
Ivan Bratko's *PROLOG Programming for Artifical Intelligence*. This
project is meant to accompany a blog post. Each variation of the
program transitions further from the raw functional solution toward a
logical one.
If you have not attempted to solve this problem in your language of
choice, I would recommend doing so.
## Usage
load the various modules up in your repl and explore them. If you just
want to read the code, check the documentation produced by marginalia
in `docs/`.
## See Also
* David Nolen has a [solution implemented]( in his [miniKanren implementation](
## License
Copyright (C) 2011 Andrew Brehaut.
Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.