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SystemC Verification Library

                SystemC Verification Library (Rel. 1.0p2-sysc2.2)


1. This is the production release of SCV 1.0. This release contains an 
   implementation of the verfication extensions for SystemC 2.1 and SystemC 2.2
   and is compliant with IEEE 1666(tm).
   Examples are provided in the examples directory.

2. This release is supported on the following platforms for which it has
   been well tested:

   o Sun Solaris 2.7 and 2.8 with GNU C++ compiler version gcc-2.95.2 
   o Sun Solaris 2.7 and 2.8 with GNU C++ compiler version gcc-3.2
   o Sun Solaris 2.7 and 2.8 with Forte 7 compiler version 5.4
   o Linux Redhat 7.1 with GNU C++ compiler version gcc-2.96-85 or gcc-2.95.3
   o Linux Redhat 7.2 with GNU C++ compiler version gcc-2.96-98 or gcc-2.95.3
   o Linux Redhat 8.0 with GNU C++ compiler version gcc-3.2
   o Linux Redhat EE 2.1 with GNU C++ compiler version gcc-3.2.3
   o Linux (2.6.9-34.EL kernel) with GNU C++ compiler versions gcc-3.4.5
     and gcc-4.1.0   
   o HP-UX 11.00 with HP C++ compiler version A.03.39
   o HP-UX 11.00 with GNU C++ compiler version gcc-3.2
   o Windows NT 4.0 (SP6a) and Windows XP with Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1 


Licensing and Copyright

   See the separate LICENSE file to determine your rights
   and responsiblities for using SystemC.

User Documentation

   You can find documentation for this release in the docs directory;
   here is a brief description of each document:

   scv/date03a2.pdf -- A tutorial introduction to SCV, presented at DATE

   scv/intro_slides.pdf -- A set of slides introducing SCV.

   scv/scv_random_white_paper4.pdf -- An introduction to SCV's facilities
   for constrained randomization.

   scv/scvref/vwg_1_0e.pdf -- The latest version of the SCV specification.


   See the separate INSTALL file that provides system
   information and installation instructions.

Release Notes

   See the separate RELEASENOTES file that provides up-to-date
   information about this release of SCV.


   You can find SCV examples in the examples directory; the examples
   README (examples/README in the distribution, examples/scv/README
   in an installation) contains a brief description of each of the 

Additional information

   SystemC has a web site at
   The following slide show with audio introduces the SCV
   library and provides an overview of its capabilities:

   Several of the examples are from the SCV engineering notebook.  To
   view the notebook itself, which contains additional explanatory text, 
   use this link:

   Discussion forum:

   You can post bugs and suggestions of general interest to the forum.
   When reporting bugs please specify the following information (if

      1) SystemC version 
      2) platform, compiler, flags 
      3) description of the problem 
      4) steps to reproduce the problem 
      5) compile/runtime warnings and errors 
      6) code sample, not more than 100 lines to demonstrate the problem 

   Note: All bugs will only be tested against the latest publicly available 
   version of the product. 
   Note: All C++ compilers that SystemC supports have bugs of different
   degree of severity. We cannot fix those bugs. Please report them to
   the compiler vendor.

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