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% TODOs may also be placed in source files.
[ ] Make sure template tutorial mentions ./templates/ directory
[ ] Doc inconsistency (?)
[ ] Decorators/functions are None
[ ] Add solaris tutorial link in setup docs
[ ] Add authorization.
[ ] Write an intro tutorial (in progress)
[ ] Add other URL wildcards ('#' for numbers, '@' for letters)
[ ] Allow unnamed URL params
[ ] Allow URL parameters with the same name
[ ] Decide if '/foo/*:bar/' should match '/foo/'
[ ] Add functionality to dev server to automatically reload changed files (as
in Werkzeug's run_with_reloader)
[ ] Bug: Flup servers are not sending status/headers correctly - they are simply
being prepended to the content by Firefox (thus text/html is displayed as
plain text)
[ ] Bug: For a url set like '/:foo/' and '/:foo/bar/', if '/quux/bar/' is
requested then the first pattern will match, with foo being 'quux/bar'
(Same with '/:foo/' and '/bar/:foo/')