a lightweight and simple python web framework
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  • Juno is a web framework that was designed to make development as fast as possible.
  • Repository: http://github.com/breily/juno
  • I have not updated Juno in about 6 years and don't plan to return to it. Have fun with it. It's not a great web framework but there's some interesting Python code in it.

Using Juno

To start off:

from juno import *

def index(web):
    return 'Juno says hi'


Add some url handling:

def hello(web, name):
    return 'Hello, %s' %name

Use a template:

def template_hi(web, name):
    template('hello.html', name=name)

Build a model:

Person = model('Person', name='string')
p = Person(name='brian')


  • All normal web framework stuff (models, routes, views, templates)
  • WSGI compliant, with included development server as well as SCGI/FastCGI servers
  • Database access through SQLAlchemy
  • Templating included through Jinja2 and Mako, but Juno can use anything.


  • You can use easy_install:

      easy_install Juno
  • Or pull from Github, and then do:

      $ python setup.py install   # As root
      $ python
      >>> import juno             # Make sure everything worked
  • Optional Dependencies:

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  • Juno violates some usual principles of good design (don't use global variables, don't do things implicitly, etc.) for the sake of fast development and less boilerplate code. You've been warned.