A shell script and xclanspec to add Lua syntax support in Xcode
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Lua Support for Xcode 4+

  1. download the two files (Add-Lua.sh, Lua.xclangspec)
  2. Open Add-Lua.sh and change the DVTFOUNDATION_PATH if necessary. You probably do not need to change this if you are on Xcode 4.3+.
  3. Make sure Xcode is closed
  4. Run Add-Lua.sh from the terminal with sudo (I.E. sudo Add-Lua.sh)
  5. Enter your admin password and hit enter
  6. Open Xcode and notice the 'Lua' entry under "Editor->Syntax Coloring"

Lua Support for Xcode Betas

If you are running a beta version of Xcode, you need to pass the --beta flag. For example:

sudo ./Add-Lua.sh --beta

Special thanks to araxara for the Objective-J version of this code.