A simple game using a MEAN stack + Socket.io and the Riot Rest APIs. - my entry into their API competition.
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Black Market Battles

Black Market Battles is my entry into the League of Legends API challenge. I was a bit rushed for time, so there is a lot I would like to do with this site. But first off, here is how you play.


  • First off, create a name for yourself on the home page.
  • Once you are in the lobby, you can host a game or join another game. Hopefully this site will just be booming with hosted rooms :P
  • Now that you are in a game, the fun begins!
    • Betting phase! Try your best guess at which team you think won the matchup. Put a wager on it if you are confident.
    • Battle phase! Use your new found Kraken to attack your opponent or heal yourself. You only get one action per turn!
    • Rinse and Repeat. Simple, right?

More coming soon!!

  • Champion Selection - choose a champ to play as
  • Use your champion abilities instead of simple attack/heal
  • Buy items with your kraken to increase your skills and auto attacks
  • Better UI - If you want to help me with this, please contact me!

Contact Me!

Email is the best way to contact me.