Function call graphing utility for C
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Function call graphing utility for C

Authors: Brendan Whitfield and Will Paul

C-Graph takes a given Github repo, extracts the C files, and generates a function call graph. It then displays this as a force directed graph on the right and a panel of code on the left. This allows programmers to work their way through a code base as it would be executed (network) instead of how it is written (linear).

Released under GPL 2.1 License

Current version accessible at

Run locally

Requires Node.

Clone this repo then:

npm install

Add Github credentials as environment variables (github gives better rate limiting if you're authenticated). For example if you are using bash or zsh add to ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc:

export GITHUB_USER='your_username'
export GITHUB_PASS='your_password'

Then to run on port 8000:

node server/app.js

Then point your browser to